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Amo ripetere che l’architettura non è importante . L’architettura è un pretesto. Importante è la vita, importante è l’uomo! (Oscar Niemeyer)


B•OND is a young, dynamic architectural studio based in Milan who use their different cultural and educational backgrounds to explore the innovating ideas in the fields of  architecture, landscape, and urbanism.

We believe that design is able to respond to the issues of contemporary society, from a simple installation to the entire city. We pay special attention to the themes of public domain as it is a fundamental instrument of social sustainability. We work in both the academic and professional field since we direct our theoretical research into practice.

B•OND is a platform of multi-disciplinary team. We collaborate with intellectuals, architects, visual designers, engineers , photographers and economists.

B•OND is to BOND the ideas together for the projects BEYOND the convention.

Come to see our ideas!來看看我們的概念吧!

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B•OND is Dao-Ming Chang, Ilaria Mancini and Roberta Mazzoni.


Dao-Ming Chang completed his architecture education in Taiwan in 2003. In 2007 he obtained the Master degree in “European Master in Urbanism“ at Catholic University of Leuven. His was graduated with the thesis “Canalizing a fluid territory: urban design and investigation of Taoyuan Metropolitan Area, Taiwan ” which was published in “Water Urbanism“ edited by Shannon K. and De Meulder B. In 2009 Chang was selected as speaker in the”International Symposium Blue in Architecture“ in the University IUAV of Venice. The professional experience of Chang is based on various types of urban projects.Having a passion on design, he contributes his profession to the works from the consultancy of urban vision to the detail design of public space. He has been collaborating with international teams in France, Italy, Belgium with Studio Secchi-Vigano. He was the project leader of “Masterplan of Business Park of SiesegemKouter “(Belgium 2009) and the “Consultation of Urbanism, Landscape and Sustainable Development of Val de Durance” (France 2009-2011). In China he has been collaborating with Havefun Design from 2011.
Chang is a member of research group in the University of IUAV which launched by the National Railway of Italy. He is a teaching fellow in the European Master in Urbanism (fall semester 2012) in the University of IUAV, Venice.


Ilaria Mancini , architect, graduated with full grade (110/110) from the Politecnico di Torino, Corso di Laurea in Architettura (Costruzioni), with the thesis “Territory, industry and artistic practices. Strategies of project for Long Island City(NY)”. From 2010 to 2012 she collaborated with Studio Secchi-Vigano in Milan, where she had the possibility of participating actively in different projects: “A territorial and landscape scheme of the valley of Seine-Amont, Paris”, “De Sceaux la Seine (Orly, Paris) ”. She was also a team member of the competition for the Urban Project of the City of Montpelier(France), Masterplan of Residential Quarter of Nieuw Zuid in Antwerp(Belgium), Masterplan of Residential Quarter of the area Garonne-Eiffel in Bordeaux (France). From july 2012 Mancini collaborates with the Studio Mariotti in Milan as the assistant of architect following projects of restoration and interior design.
In September 2012 Mancini wins the competition “Next Floor Open Call” in Milan. It is a project of temporary installation of a square in the northern Milan. Currently she is following the project in the executive phase for the construction.
She is also a cross-edged designer, carrying out the role as art director of the company of natural cosmetics and graphic designer for other companies.  She also collaborates at the Politecnico of Milan (School of Architecture and Society) in the Master of Science in Urban Planning and Policy Design with professor Giuseppe Marinoni and Giulia Fini.


Roberta Mazzoni, architect, studies and carries out her professional experiences in Turin, Barcelona, Paris and China. As an Erasmus student, she studies at ESARQ UIC in Barcelona (2007) and attends an apprenticeship with Carlos Ferrater (2008). In 2010 she graduates from the Politecnico of Turin, with a final project called “Relating to context in new China, a masterplan for the Zhaoqing East River area” (developed under the tuitin of Michele Bonino, Liu Yan and Matteo Robiglio). This project arises from a direct experience in Guangzhou, Shenzen, Zhaoqing and Hong Kong, where she has had the chance toinvestigate the contrast between the fascination for the western world and the revaluation of local the identity of Asiatic towns. Roberta also participates at international workshops, such as “Abandoned sacred places” in collaboration with the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture (Brussels), “Les fourmis dans le comptoir” for the rescue of the Malartic district in Bordeaux. She also attends EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly) in Darfo Boario, 2009, and Manchester, 2010. She carries on her international experiences in Paris with at Dominique Perrault Architecture, where she takes part in several competitions such as the new race-course at Longchamp,Paris. From September 2011 she starts to collaborate with MARC on several competitions, architecture renovation and construction, from the very small to the large scale.