Longjin River

A Vision of Ecological Park of Flower Industry in a Fluvial Plain

September 9, 2013

Theme: urban vision, flower indsutry, creative industry, eco-tourism, theme park
Date : Since January 2013 to present
Mission : Consultation of the vision of regional development with three main themes: flower industry, ecological restoration, and creative industry. The urban development in the area along the river will be based on these three themes
Location: China
Size: 2700 ha
Client: private commission

Team: Dao-Ming CHANG, Ilaria MANCINI, Lora RUDKO

The rural fluvial plain is seeking for a regional development based on flower industry and creative industry. The thematic tourism required in the task, is therefore a fundamental sector related to the development of the area. The project aims to apply a sustainable planning and design approach in various scale: from territorial scale such as ecological restoration and water management to architectural scale such as ecological construction method and restoration of ancient villages.

The concept of the project is to locate the flower fields in the plain area along  the while the hilly side in the east is maintained as an ecological restoration area. There is a recognizable path of soft mobility going through and connecting the two parts.  All the area is covered by a low-carbon mobility network such as bicycle, eletronic car, and public transport. The existing water system is reorganized and reinforced as a soft infrastructure for both irrigation and navigation. The thematic tourism required by the client is interpreted as 12 ports on the river which represents the 12 animals of Chinese horoscope. The vision of the area of Long Jin River is a territorial park of flower where the new activity of development and quality of life of the inhabitants are both articulated.