Architecture of Service for EXPO 2015 Milan

July 7, 2013

Theme: Sustainable architecture
Date : April 2012
Mission : Competition of Idea of the architecture of service of EXPO 2015 Milan, open participation
Size: site area: 20mx 176m, maximum building height : 10 m
Function: restaurant, bar, infopoint, shops, bank, office, WC
Client : EXPO 2015 Milan

Team: Dao-Ming Chang collaborating with Alessia Calò, Tommaso Fait, Uberto degli Uberti

The idea of the project is to use the building equipment system as a generator of microclimate so that the spaces of different functions are distinguished by different temperatures and humidity, instead of using conventional walls. All the spaces are largely opened for ventilation except bathroom and kitchen. On one hand the idea reduces the energy consumption of the EXPO 2015, on the other hand the project demonstrates to the public of an application of passive energy devices.

The EXPO 2015 Milan takes places in summer and early autumn. Therefore the objective of controlling the microclimate is to cool down the temperature during the hot days and heat the air during the cool days. The project introduces the Hydronic Radiant Cooling System to create the cooled microclimate with underground heating sinks. The vegetation is used as one part of the architecture. The green façade is the shading device of the building and in the same time allows the natural ventilation. The species of vegetation in the interior are selected specifically for absorbing the interior humidity.