Draft Concept of the Expansion of the City of Moscow, Russia (2012) – Studio B.Secchi + P. Viganò

Theme: vision of city
Date : February 2012- September 2012
Mission : 10 multi-disciplined teams are invited to join the competition of the south west expansion of the administrative border of Moscow, considering moving the offices of federal government and an increase of new inhabitants of 2,500,000 population.
Client : City of Moscow
Cost : 250.000 euro
Scale: the Agglomeration of Moscow, 11 milions of population
Team: Dao-Ming Chang, Alessia Calò in collaboration with:
Urbanists: Studio Associato Secchi-Viganò
Expert of mobility: Oleg Vladimirovich Evseev (Russia)
Landscape ecologist: Sybrand Tjallingii (the Netherlands)
Social-economist: IDEA (Russia)

The city of Moscow and the country select 10 international teams to study and propose a vision for the future expansion of the city. The metropolis of Moscow hosts today around 9 million of inhabitants and it is still growing fast, however in the same time it critically congested in terms of all kind of mobility. The team of Secchi-Vigano proposes a new compact city which covers both the existing city and the expansion area. The system of open space, including natural and artifial, of the square-liked new city is based on a careful ecological and topographical study. The matrix of the public transport is much more reinforced with diverse types.  The new urban centers, including the federal center of the state, are located on the main junctions of public transport and the strategic locations of the existing urban fabrics.