Élaboration d’une schéma de cohérence paysagére et urbaine de la Vallée de la Seine en amont Paris – Studio B.SECCHI + P.Viganò

June 20, 2013

Theme: vision of city, landscape, urban planning
Location: Paris, France
Date: 2011- 2012
Mission: Vision and urban design for an industrial area located in the suburban area of Paris (“Grand Paris”)
Client: EPA- ORSA, local Municipality
Size: 30000 ha
Team: Ilaria Mancini in collaboration with Studio Associato Secchi-Viganò
Expert of biodiversity: BIODIVERSITA (Aurelien Huguet)
Hydraulic engineer: MA-GEO morel associés (Jean- François Morel)
Landscape designer: Laure Thierrée

This project is the result of one year of studies and workshops, walks along the Seine river.
It is a vision for the fluvial territory of the southern area of Grand Paris.
This work is based on the idea of ​​a territory to live , considering the issue of risk, passing through a reflection on the territory of connection. The idea is to give accessibility at the same time to people and animal and green species.
Another important question is considered: the hydraulic risk that transforms the area in a double-face territory: resistant and resilient to the Seine floods.
The territory to live is the result of policies from a variety of resistance and resilience and their effects on other topics we discussed in diagnosis.
This territory hardly existed at the time of the great flood of 1910.