From Sceaux to the Seine River, Paris – Studio B.Secchi + P. Viganò

June 20, 2013

Theme: vision of city, landscape, urbanism, housing
Location: Paris, France
Date: 2010- 2012
Mission: Vision and urban design for an industrial area located in the suburban area of Orly, Paris (“Grand Paris”)
Client: local Municipality
Size: 18000 ha
Team: Ilaria Mancini in collaboration with Studio Associato Secchi-Viganò
Expert of biodiversity: BIODIVERSITA (Aurelien Huguet)
Hydraulic engineer: MA-GEO morel associés (Jean- François Morel)
Landscape architect: Laure Thierrée

The area from Sceaux to the Seine River is the southern part of the “Grand Paris”.
This project is a vision for a suburban area characterized by the airport area of Orly, the MIN (the biggest food market in Europe), industries, warehouses and small towns.
The actual conditions are very critical because of air and water pollution, inefficient public infrastructure and mobility.
This project tries to create a strong linked territory focusing on this main themes:
– increasing mobility and accessibility (public transport, railways, highways, cycle and pedestrian paths),
– green corridor: a linear park connects all the industrial “plaques” and creates a green lung between the polluted zones,
– increase the quality of living by giving attention to the use of public space and collective attractions.
This vision is to integrate industrial zones to housing and parks: a new sustainable productive city.