GRAND PARI(S), Paris, France – Studio B.Secchi + P.Viganò

Theme: Vision of City
Date : June 2008- May 2009
Mission : consultation of research on the future of great Paris metropolitan area
Client : Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication de la République Française
Cost : 240.000 euro
Scale: the Agglomeration of Paris, 50kmx50km, 9 milions of population
Team: Dao-Ming Chang, Alessia Calò in collaboration with:
Urbanists: Studio Associato Secchi-Viganò

This is a research for the future of the metropolitan area of Paris, which is a collective elaboration of “prospective, urban, and landscape diagnostic on “Grand Paris” (Greater Paris) in twenty, thirty, even in forty years”. The team Secchi-Vigano proposes a project of post-kyoto “porous city”. The project for a porous city is supported by a layer of significant places. The porous city gives more space to water and multiplies the biotic exchanges, enlarges the sections of the rivers, uses the under-used or left-over spaces to create or reinforce the humid zones.

The team coordinated by the Studio Secchi-Vigano is composed of multi-disciplined experts : transport engineering ( PTV France), group of energy research (Hausladen, Germany), ecologist and landscape architect, (Alan Berger from MIT), and the researchers from Università IUAV di Venezia.