A Masterplan for an Agricultural Settlement in Luliang

July 7, 2014

Theme:  urban planning, landscape, collective housing
Location: Jinhu, China
Date : June 2014
Mission : the new urbanization of an agricultural area with a strong connection with the water and green system.
Size:  135 ha, 1500 dwellings with related public functions
Client :  private commission
Team: Dao-Ming CHANG,  Ilaria MANCINI, Roberta MAZZONI, Virginia ZANUSO

The project is about the new urbanization of an agricultural area (135 ha) in the surroundings of the town of Jinhu (Jiangsu province). The aim of the project is to transform the area according to the density and quantities required by the municipality, but maintaining the local identity of agriculture and the close connection with  water and landscape.
The expansion consists in new housing (different typologies according to the users needs), offices and trade, new public functions, a botanical and research center, etc.
The core of the project is a new urban park, characterized by an articulated system of ponds and canals, that catalyzes and enhances the new expansion.