Masterplan of the Businesspark in Siesegemkouter, FIRST PRIZE – Studio B.Secchi + P. Viganò

Theme: masterplan, landscape, business park
Date : construction of the masterplan since 2009
Location: Aalst, Belgium
Mission : masterplan of busisness park
phase 1_concept competition, FIRST PRIZE PROJECT
phase 2_construction of the masterplan
Client : City of Aalst
Size: 120 ha
Team: Dao-Ming Chang in collaboration with Studio Secchi Vigano as the project leader until 2012.

The site of Siesegem in Aalst is extremely beautiful. The focuses of the project are the main elements of the traditional landscape articulated within the “Land Van Zottegem”: an open space, where the topography, water and vegetation have left numerous traces. The development of the business park will be made progressively, since the whole project can’t be fully realized at the same time and there are risks for it to be put on stand by, in an ambiguous state, uncompleted, or in the worst case left to degrade for an undefined amount of time. For this reason we propose a careful approach to uses the land in an economical way.

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