Nexfloor Open Call (FIRST PRIZE)

Installation on Piazza Gramsci in Milan

Theme: public space, installation
Location: Milan, Italy
Date : June-September 2012
Mission : NEXFLOOR- Open Call : workshop and contest of temporary installation on the porch of Piazza Gramsci
Size: 6 meters above the ground from the tallest point of the installation
Client : SINTETICO association + ALAgroup + BOITE editor
Team: Ilaria Mancini, Giacomo Vignoni, Fabrizio Sartori

NEXFLOOR- Open Call : workshop and contest.

Nextfloor workshop: 15 young designers and artists in collaboration with Rit Premnath (indian artist from NYC) called to give their point of view on Piazza Gramsci and on the porch that outlines a side of the square. An exchange of ideas, visions and dialogues with the neighborhood residents.

Nextfloor contest: The project aims to stop people under the structure and allow them to look face up. “A piece of sky in a public room” this is objective of “MQCIELO” : a temporary installation created in order to declare a strong degradation of the cover of the porch made of glass panels. This installation is made of three light and open PVC structures (“chimneys”) that bring “a piece of sky” under the porch.
These three structures have a phosphorescent part that glows in the early hours of the evening.