PLAYsound (winner of the week)

Musical fence in Copenhagen

Theme: installation, public space
Location: Copenaghen, Denmark
Date: 2013
Mission: The competition Cool Construction invites proposals for a innovative design of the fence at Frederiksberg metro station
Team: Ilaria Mancini, Dao-Ming Chang, Lora Rudko

The site is a crucial point located in the city center. The café next to the site is a meeting point of the area. One of the objectives is to create a public space that can be used also by the client of the cafe.

“Playsound” is therefore inserted in order to slow down the flow of pedestrian and to make the place alive and welcoming, while it is today, only a passage.

“Playsound” is a long horizontal string instrument, a big guitar, an interactive instrument between the people who creates the urban events.  It is inspired by an Indian musical instrument: the Sitar. Each element of the instrument is made with two resonator ( two buckets) and one string or more, according to the sound that we want to create. Walking along the fence and stretching the arm, the pedestrians can create always different melodies. The strings are stainless steel while the resonators are the buckets recycled from the construction site.

The instrument is also activated at night: the colored buckets are installed with a lighting system that lightens the walkway and the nearby square.