Re-construction of Cathédrale Notre Dame de l’Assomption

August 22, 2013

Theme: church, ruin reconstruction
Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Date : November 2012
Mission : competition of re-construction of Cathédrale Notre Dame de l’Assomption, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Size: site area: 4000 m2, Maximum seating 1500 in the nave and an additional 200 in the transept and choir.
Client : Catholic Church of Haiti
Team: Dao-Ming CHANG, Hideaki NISHIMURA

This international competition is held for calling ideas to reconstruct the Cathedral of Notre Dame de l’Assomtion of Port-au Prince, which was seriously destroyed during the earthquake in 2010. The main concepts of the project are:
1. Reproduction of Gothic church
The idea is to re-produce the spatial order of the previous Gothic church. The entrance and the arch columns are conserved as dominant elements of structure and as a memory of the previous church. A flat roof is proposed that covers all the space with an emphasis of light on the altar.
2. Deconstruction of space
The new cathedral is not only a church. The traditional spatial structure around the nave is discomposed. We propose multi- functional spaces which fulfill not only the liturgical need but also other functions that the church can offer for the necessity of spiritual life such as library, classroom for Sunday school, space of meditation, etc.
3. Contemporary interpretation of stained glass
The new church tries to give a contemporary meaning to the stained glass. The roof is inserted with stained glass using a pattern created by the formula of golden-ratio. This formula is not only used in plan but also on the boxes inside the church. Therefore, the whole structure follows the same rule.