Urban Requalification of the Aldo Moro and Enrico Berlinguer Square

August 1, 2013

Theme: Urban Requalification of an ancient public space
Location: Putignano, Bari, Italy
Date : November 2012
Mission : competition of Urban Requalification of the Aldo Moro and Enrico Berlinguer Square
Size: site area: Piazza Moro: mq 8100 ca.;  Piazza Berlinguer : mq 5900 ca
Client: Municipality of Putignano
Team: Ilaria Mancini, Dao-Ming Chang, Alessia Calò, Filippo Tori, Giulio Carizzoni

The proposal for the two new squares in the city center is inspired by the historical context of the area: In the lower square, there was a beautiful garden while in the upper square, there was a long promenade called “lungomare’, which offers an infinite panorama just like walking along the sea. However, nowadays, the garden and the promenade are replaced by parkings and dismissed warehouses.
The concept of the new squares is to reproduce image of the center with the spectacular panorama and a new garden. The upper square is transformed as a square of water, a mirror-like shallow fountain reflects the surrounding historical building and the Mediterranean sky. A panoramic tower creates a new point of view for citizens to observe the old center. In the square of the lower level, a vertical garden is proposed. This tall and light volume on one hand brings back a garden to the center, on the other hand it contains service space for the market. The existing parking is hidden underground in order to give the public space back to the citizens.