Val de Durance – Studio B.Secchi + P. Viganò

Theme:  territorial vision, landscape, scenario
Date : 2009-2011
Location: Côte d’Azur, France
Mission : Consultation of urbanism, landscape, and sustainable development in the greater scale of the Valley “Val de Durance”
Client : REGION Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur
Cost : 200.000 euro
Size: the basin of durance river : 14225 km2, 450,000 inhabitants
Team: Dao-Ming Chang (project leader), Lora Rudko in collaboration with Studio Secchi-Vigano

Val de Durance is a project of vision for the territory of the valley of Durance. It is a research about the emerging urban and environmental issue on the territory.

Our hypothesis is that Val de Durance is a precious reservoir:  a reservoir of water of regional importance; a reservoir of hydroelectric and solar energy in national scale; a reservoir of biodiversity in European scale ; a reservoir of scientific innovation in global scale thanks to the presence of CEA and ITER. After study such hypothesis bringing together the on-going trends, we propose another model: the “Cassini” scenario. We plan to “densify” the existing cities and villages since the territory has been inhabited in this way since the Cassini’s age. There are several strategies as conclusions of this scenario : 1. To reinforce the public transport,  2. To organize a territorial public space: the Durance trail, 3. To value more the forests, 4. To reduce and compensate the consumption of agricultural land.