ZAC La Courrouze – Studio B.Secchi + P. Viganò

Theme: masterplan, collective housing, landscape, public space
Date : in realisation since 2003
Location: Rennes, France
Mission :
phase 1 _concept competition (winning project)
phase 2_projet of urban design
phase 3_executive project of the realisation of public space, collaborated with C.Dard, GEC engineering
Client : Rennes Metropole-Territoire
budget : 50 million euro (road, public space, landscape and park)
Size : 119 ha, 4500 new appartments, 100,000 m2 of service facilities
Team: Dao-Ming Chang, Alessia Calo’, Lora Rudko in collaboration with Studio Secchi Vigano for the urban design on the dwellings and public space (phase APD/PRO/DCE/EXE)

The Courrouze quarter is a new and important part of the city: a “piece of city”, a “piece of metropole”. The Courrouze is a model of operation of interests between different townships inserted completely in the notion of the sustainable development and of urban renewal that tries to avoid the problem of urban sprawl. The dimension of the site, around 145 hectare, imposes an approach aiming to set a standard to be realized in times with coherence, mobilizing many public and private actors with the programs in short and long term. This approach includes choices about the main layout, the density objectives, the division and coordination of different operations, the criteria of observation to guarantee the quality of urban spaces and the sustainable development. A project of such magnitude, around 4500 dwellings, is realized in different phases with a flexible scheme of urban design. The public space is eventually the foundamental part of the project that gives the coherence to the urban space and reinforces the biological connections.