Amo ripetere che l’architettura non è importante . L’architettura è un pretesto. Importante è la vita, importante è l’uomo! (Oscar Niemeyer)


B•OND is a young, dynamic architectural studio based in Milan, Turin and Shanghai with different cultural and educational backgrounds to explore the innovating ideas in the fields of  architecture, landscape, and urbanism.

We believe that design is able to respond to the issues of contemporary society, from a simple installation to the entire city. We pay special attention to the themes of public domain as it is a fundamental instrument of social sustainability. We work in both the academic and professional field since we direct our theoretical research into practice.

B•OND is to BOND the ideas together for the projects BEYOND the convention.

B•OND is  Ilaria Mancini, Roberta Mazzoni, Dao-Ming Chang

Come to see our ideas!來看看我們的概念吧!

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